Your Health Care Champion

Excellent care starts with outstanding case management. That’s why Horizon Adult Health Care provides comprehensive Case Management services across Kentucky.

Because we have worked with more than 3,000 families, we know the best resources available and can help navigate the complex health-care and social service needs of Kentucky’s aging and most vulnerable population.

Your family’s needs will be understood and met with prompt, thorough and caring case management service.

Our case management clients will have a strong advocate and coordinator of care through our statewide services, which include:

  • Assessment of the client
  • Participation in development of a comprehensive care plan
  • Referrals, connections and coordination of Medicaid and non-Medicaid services
  • Advocacy for the client and family
  • Consistent contact and monitoring through in home-visits and phone calls
  • Reassessment and follow-up
  • Establishment and maintenance of case record
  • Crisis assistance planning